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SNP Barrier Coating Packaging

Barrier Coatings

Barrier coatings are functional coatings which reduce or eliminate the flow of a fluid. These coatings have been used to control the flow of oil and grease, water, moisture (water vapor), oxygen, and other fluids. The ability to control these fluids is useful in many applications including packaging.

There are many different types of packaging utilizing barrier coatings. Some of these types of packaging are pharmaceutical, cosmetics, liquid, and many different food types. Barrier coatings can provide protection and may increase the shelf life of products.

S-1600-L series

The S-1600-L series are SNP’s aqueous polyester coatings and are designed to provide an oil, grease, and water barrier. Some of the properties of these coatings are listed below:

The S-1601-L has excellent water resistance, good oil and grease resistance, and provides good moisture barrier. The S-1604-L provides excellent water resistance and good oil and grease resistance. The S-1605-L provides good water resistance and excellent oil and grease resistance

The S-1600-L series meets the following FDA requirements:


S-1805-L resin was formulated to provide excellent oil and grease resistance (ORG) and a low water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) with proper film formation (pin-hole free). S-1805-L meets the following FDA requirements:

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