Dr. Michael Joyce

Doctor Michael Joyce

Dr. Michael Joyce received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Paper and Printing Science from Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo MI.

After receiving his PhD, he accepted and a two year a Post-Doctoral researcher position in the Department of Forest and Biomaterials at North Carolina State University to work with Dr. Lokendra Pal on the development of a natural plastic and its replacement of synthetics for use in barrier coating application.

Upon completion of his work at NCSU, Michael accepted a position as product manager with SNP Inc. to help lead the development and commercialization of new biopolymer-based coatings. Having previously worked on various client-supported coating and printing projects through the Center for the Advancement of Printed Electronics and Center for Ink and Printability at WMU, Michael brings invaluable application and use of coating materials experience to the SNP Inc. product development team.

He holds 1 patent and has 3 patents pending. He has published in the field of surface science, printing technology and flexible electronics. A partial list of his publications is provided below.


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