Standard Alginates

Standard Sodium Alginates


SNP offers different sodium alginate products depending on viscosity range, which fit into a variety of applications. We will consider the desired properties, along with the economics, to determine which series and/or viscosity range would be able to best suit your needs.

C-Series – Sodium Alginate

The C series are sodium alginate products for use in papermaking, paper coatings, textiles, printing and certain specialty industries. The C-Series consist of S-15-C, S-50-C, S-160-C, S-500-C, and S-1300- C. They range in viscosity from 10 to 900 cps in a 1% solution.

Applications for the C-Series

  • Provide excellent water retention
  • Reduced porosity for release grades
  • Improved binder flexibility
  • Improved pigment dispersion
  • Increased coating thixotropy
  • Both high resolution and high quality fine line printing
  • Chemistry extenders like fluoropolymers
  • Improved oil and grease barrier