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Drilling and Fracking Fluids

Drilling and Fracking Fluids SNP TexasAt SNP, we offer chemical products for a variety of industries and applications, including fluid compounds designed to assist in oil and gas drilling. Read the many benefits of our drilling and fracking chemicals below, and contact us today to learn more!

SNP S-5080-X and S-5090-X

SNP has several compounds designed to assist in oil and gas drilling:

SNP S-5070-X:

  • An all-natural xanthan gum that works well as a thickener for drill mud and a gelling agent for proppant injection
  • An efficient aqueous thickener which is temperature resistant
  • Great zero-shear thickening retention provides exceptional suspension of drill cuttings and debris when bit circulation stops
  • Can be added to concrete for underwater injection to increase viscosity and resist washout
  • Works with vertical or horizontal drilling

SNP C Series Sodium Alginates

  • Provide good friction reduction in drilling mud
  • Natural and water-soluble

At SNP, we’re also devoted to helping the environment, make most of our products using natural polymers, including seaweed extract for sodium alginate.