Product Development

SNP Customer-Focused Product Development

The Customer is #1

SNP is a full-service chemical manufacturing company. We take pride in problem solving with our customers. You shouldn’t have to be a railcar consumer of a product to warrant undivided attention.

In fact, most of SNP’s closest partners are customers who make highly specialized products for niche markets. We like to look at ourselves as the chemical industry equivalent of an old-fashioned hardware store vs. today’s big box mega-stores.

As such, we work closely with you during our product development process to develop a unique solution for you. Learn how we do it below.

Our Product Development Process:

1. Information Gathering

We listen to you. You have the most experience with your products, technologies, and markets. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of that experience by listening to the expert to gain understanding?

2. Understanding the Problem and the Need

Not only do we listen, we actively engage by asking questions and brainstorming ideas. It’s a “can do” attitude that centers on treating every new idea with respect. It’s asking, “How can we make this work,” rather than just saying, “We’ve tried that. It’ll never work.”

3. Immediate Product Recommendation and Sampling

Many times, your process is unique or proprietary, meaning a mutually executed NDA is necessary to evaluate the product. Once agreed upon, we can typically make a recommendation of the chemistry and actual product that will give you the best chance for success.

4. Iterations

This is where SNP distinguishes itself. SNP experts in the modification of our polymers can create a final product unique to you. We’ll work together to understand where and how a product’s performance needs to be modified.

5. Step by Step Technical Guidance

You’re never without assistance unless you prefer it that way. Our experts provide technical, commercial, and logistical solutions to support you. We are a trusted partner in the development process.

Life as a SNP Customer

We are available 24/7 to respond to your needs. Going the extra mile is the SNP Inc. promise: to provide the very best products, pricing, technical support, and customer service to you: our valued customer.