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SNP S-1999-L Screen Print Thickener

SNP Polymers Screen Printer Coating SNP’s S-1999-L screen print thickener is a great synthetic alternative for quick and easy thickening of water-based printing inks, dyes and stains. It will turn any water-based liquid into a thicker gel-like material. It comes as a clear gel and provides for easy use and easy clean-up. Just mix in and stir. This unique hydrodynamic thickener can be formulated to meet your specifications based on the final viscosity desired.

Uses as rheology modifier:

  • WB dye pastes
  • Ink WB jet coating
  • WB stains to limit fabric bleed
  • Polyvinyl acetate glues
  • Agricultural chemical thickener

Addition: S-1999-L can be added to your liquid at any volume to any vessel that has mechanical mixing. This can be a turbine in a large mechanical mixer, a small lab bench mixer, or even hand-held stirring with a spatula in a beaker in your laboratory which makes for easy scale-up.

Clean up: It couldn’t be easier. S-1999 alone washes up with a warm water rinse. Applications vary but like most WB coatings clean-up is with mild soap and water.