Rheology Testing

Rheology Testing Services

After years of using rheological testing to engineer better products for our customers, SNP now offers services that allow our customers to do the same. Through our Rheological Testing Solutions, we can provide any testing for any of your material or formulating needs.

We have extensive experience testing a wide variety of polymers, plastics, pseudo plastics and composites. Our rheologists can also reengineer and reformulate your materials to improve their rheological performance. At SNP Inc., we value our client relationships and work hard to be a beneficial partner in their research endeavors. All work is strictly confidential, and we are fully prepared to perform your rheological tests under a signed secrecy agreement.

What Is Rheology Testing?

Rheology is the study and characterization of the flow of materials. Most people think of fluids in terms of viscosity but some fluids are viscoelastic. Viscoelastic materials exhibit both viscous and elastic behavior when experiencing deformation.

How Can Rheology Testing Help?

Whenever elastic materials are placed under stress, the strain is exhibited instantaneously as is the recovery when the stress is removed. Because viscoelastic materials have both elastic and viscous properties they exhibit time dependent strain. By analyzing both the fluid and elastic properties of a material, we can predict the reaction of these materials when subjected to these external forces. While some materials will flow when subjected to force, others will resist or will experience deformation then recovery.

Rheology Testing Tools & Technology

Brookfield Viscometer

Brookfield Viscometer

Rotational viscometers operate under only one measurable flow condition and relate the torque required to turn an object in a fluid at a known speed to the viscosity of that fluid. The relationship is based on the fluid remaining stationary as an object moves through it, or the object is stationary as the fluid moves past it with the resultant drag caused by relative motion of the fluid and a surface is a measure of the viscosity.

Hercules Viscometer

Hercules High Shear Viscometer

The Hercules Hi-Shear Viscometer system measures the flow properties of dispersions and coatings subjected to varying degrees of shear. The Hercules Hi-Shear Viscometer produces continuous results reflecting sample reaction to dynamic shear conditions over time. The shape of the rheogram produced from the Hercules Viscometer can be used to predict flow performance of a material based on changes in shear rate.


TA Rheometer

A rheometer is used to measure fluid flow response to applied forces. A rheometer is used when fluids cannot be defined by a single value of viscosity therefore requiring multiple parameters to be defined and measured.