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SNP is a specialty chemical company that provides custom tailored materials for a broad range of industrial applications. SNP works with customers to understand their specific product needs and works with both synthetic and natural chemistries to meet each customer’s specific needs. SNP’s products can be found in industries ranging from paper/packaging to recreational sports. Some examples of SNP products are:

    1. Sodium Alginate: paper/packaging sizing agent
    2. Guar Gum: rheology modifier
    3. Polyurethane dispersions: barrier coating
    4. Ethylene Acrylic Acid (EAA): adhesive and tie coat
    5. Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVOH): sizing agent
    6. Styrene butadiene latexes: barrier coating
    7. Acrylics: barrier coating, weather proofing

In addition to the custom manufacturing of materials, SNP offers a wide-range of testing services. SNP can either test materials as part of third-party qualification of materials or as part of QA/QC requirements. Some of the testing offered by SNP includes:

    1. Rheology (high shear/low shear)
    2. FTIR
    3. Surface energy/ tension
    4. Porosity
    5. Blocking
    6. Moisture vapor transmission (MVTR)
    7. Water/oil absorptivity
    8. Oil/grease resistance 
    9. Film hardness
    10. Solvent and chemical resistance

SNP is committed to giving the highest quality service to our customers. Contact us today and find how we can help you meet your product goals.

Phone: 919-598-0400 Fax: 919-598-4674

General Inquiries:

Contacting SNP, via telephone, e-mail, or website will start the process of collaboration between our two companies. Our technical experts will ask questions and listen carefully to your answers as we begin to work toward a custom solution. We appreciate the challenge of working together!