Sodium Alginates

Sodium Alginates

SNP is a company that sells four series of sodium alginate products: C-Series, N-Series, QD Series and QS Series. Each have diverse applications due to their different viscosity ranges. We can help you determine which series and/or viscosity range will best suit your needs once we understand your desired properties and cost considerations.

Series of Sodium Alginates

Standard Alginates

Our standard alginates include our C-Series, which have many different applications. Learn more about this series below.


The C-Series was developed for use in paper making, paper coatings, textiles, printing and certain specialty industries. This sodium alginate series contains S-15-C, S-50-C, S-160-C, S-500-C, and S-1300-C products. Their viscosity ranges from 15 to 900 cps in a 1% solution. Discover the many applications for the C-Series here.

Specialty Alginates

Our N-Series, QD Series and QS Series are considered specialty alginates or quick dispersible alginates. Compared to standard alginates, they excel in quick dispersing, quick solubility, specialty size press applications, and reduced porosity. Explore our specialty alginates below.


The N-Series is ideal for use in the size press applications that require high Gurley porosity values, including: postcard, silicone release grades, and OGWR (oil, grease and water resistant). We manufacture S-500-N and S-1300-N products, which have viscosity ranges between 400-900 cps. Read more about our N-Series products here.

QD Series

SNP quick dispersing, QD, alginates, are designed for applications where tank agitation is insufficient to form a vortex at the time of alginate addition. QD alginates are treated through a proprietary process to prevent lumping without loss in beneficial alginate properties. These products find use in applications such as paper coatings for graphic art grades, size press coatings for coating hold-out, textile printing pastes and pigment dispersions and suspension. The benefits of QD are many: it disperses under low shear or without an eductor, disperses without lumping, eliminates gel-balls which lead to higher product efficiency, is low dusting and is available in a broad range of molecular weights. For more information on the grades of QD products offered, click here.

QS Series

SNP quick soluble, QS, alginates offer the benefit of quick hydration under normal shear conditions. Quick hydration is especially important to manufacturer’s seeking to increase coating throughput. QS alginates are designed to reduce time of hydration from 20 to 10 minutes. QS also readily disperses and wets out, is low dusting and is available in a broad range of molecular weights. These products are made using a proprietary process developed by SNP chemists and engineers. They find use in applications such as high speed blade coating applications, high through put coating make-down systems, automated coating and ink make-down systems. For more information on the grades of QS products offered, click here.