Chemical Manufacturing – Textile Products

We offer common textile products such as guar gum and sodium alginate; as well as our line of S-1400 polyurethanes, and S-1500 polyvinyl alcohols.

SNP Chemical Processing of textiles

Natural Products for Textile Printing

In textile printing, thickeners are needed to control the rheology of dye pastes, which are applied via screen or roll printing. Alginates and  guar gum are often the thickeners of choice because they are pure non-reactive hydrodynamic thickeners unlike starches and other thickeners. These are especially important when using reactive dyes which react with cellulose in the fabric. After printing, SNP’s textile thickeners are simply washed out of the fabric.

Depending on machine speeds, dye viscosities will vary and SNP, Inc. carries a wide variety of alginates to match your viscosity needs. In addition, our subsidiary Rheological Testing Solutions can give you a detailed look at the flow of your current formulation and improve your print speeds by reengineering your material to optimize performance.

Synthetic Products for Textile Printing

For warp sizing, see SNP’s S-1500-L Polyvinyl Alcohols. Polyvinyl alcohols can be held at high temperature without viscosity drop. SNP’s polyvinyl alcohols provide outstanding performance in textile manufacturing, including:

  • High Adhesion and cohesion to a wide variety of fibers including silks and synthetics
  • Outstanding flexibility
  • Superior strength and elongation
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance on the sizing and looming process
  • Improved weaving ability, especially with cotton fabrics

And our S-1400-L polyurethanes can be used to improve the appearance, durability, or feel in non-woven textiles. SNP can custom formulate our polyurethanes to provide the different properties needed for unique textile projects.