What is a Material Handling Eductor?

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What is an Eductor?

An eductor, also known as a hootonanny or liquid jet pump, is a simple type of pump that uses the Venturi effect to pump or move a fluid (air, liquid or gas) in an enclosed line. This device has no moving parts, instead relying on only a motive fluid to operate.

How Does an Eductor Work?

An eductor system uses fluid mechanics to transfer energy from one fluid to another via the Venturi effect, in which flow is restricted to create a partial vacuum. Essentially, high-pressure low-velocity fluid is converted to low-pressure high-velocity fluid to produce the pressure difference required for suction.

SNP’s dry polymer eductor pulls the dry product uniformly into a water vortex thus wetting the particles and ensuring complete hydration of these particles in the system. It provides an efficient way for the addition of water-soluble polymers such as guar, polyvinyl alcohol, sugar, starches, sodium alginate, polyacrylamides and more.

4 Benefits of Eductors

Here are the four main benefits of using SNP educators when adding dry material into a liquid solution in a mix tank:

  1. Clump-free solution. Eductors prevent product clumping, which can lead to lower product efficiency, increased product cost, and plugged filters. 
  2. Simple setup. With no moving parts, eductors feature a simple design. All that’s needed is a properly pressured water inlet,, a pipe for discharge, and a support stand or clamps to mount the eductor to the tank.
  3. Ease of use. The operating procedure for using an eductor is simple and straightforward.
  4. Easy to clean and maintain. With a simple design, cleaning an eductor only takes a few minutes. Plus, it’s virtually maintenance-free.

Install Your SNP Eductor Today

The SNP dry polymer eductor is durable and can be easily integrated into your system. Our experienced engineers can help you design and select your new eductor and are available to virtually walk you through installation. For more information about our material handling educators, check out our main page here or give us a call at 919-598-0400 to speak to a representative.

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